Gathering Course Experience Feedback

Newcastle University shares how Impact can be used to achieve specific institution goals for an improved learning experience.

Jarrod Hiles

Learning Technology Support Officer

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Impact at the University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle have used Impact to improve their overall LMS adoption and engagement. With proactive messaging and context-sensitive support, Impact helps institution’s optimize their LMS and help users navigate through the platform to achieve the best learning experience. One area that the University of Newcastle has seen great improvement in since integrating Impact is their end of term feedback surveys.

These surveys give the LMS admins insights into the user experience and collect feedback about the end of term. Impact’s context and role-sensitive messaging allows the LMS team to target specific user groups, gather usage data and use support resources to increase the survey turnout.

Impact creates a lot of out-of-the-box campaigns around increasing survey and feedback form completion rates, check them all out in the Impact Universe.

Increasing Survey Responses with Impact

Towards the end of each teaching period, all students at the University of Newcastle are asked to complete the university Course Experience Survey to provide feedback about each course they were enrolled in. At the end of 2020, the team administering this survey noticed that completion rates were lower than in previous years. The Learning Technology team at Newcastle worked with Impact to assist in increasing survey completion rates among students. 

Within Impact, Jarrod Hiles, the Learning Technology Support Officer at the University of Newcastle, was able to quickly design a systray message and a colourful graphic to be presented to all students upon course entry in the virtual learning environment.

Feedback from the university survey team was very positive and the campaign was described as a “huge success”, recording the highest ever feedback for a Semester 2 course experience survey at 26.7 percent.

This message linked to the existing survey module which contained a tailored list of surveys for each student. They updated the survey module heading to continue the visual theme from the Impact systray message, as seen here.  This aesthetic continuity helps guide users to the right area of the learning management system you want to lead them toward. 

While other communication measures were being taken by other departments to promote the survey, including email reminders and a digital signage, the survey saw notable engagement once the Impact campaign had been launched. Response rates took an upturn following the November 20th launch of the survey message.

Prior to the message, there was an average of 267 responses. After the campaign started, these numbers grew to an astounding 621 responses per day!

The University of Newcastle will continue to utilise Imapct to encourage survey completion as we move closer towards a higher target of a 50% response rate on their next course experience survey.

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