Facilitating Educational Development

Halmstad University uses Impact to optimize LMS adoption and develop strategies for accelerated educational development.

Johan Lindström

Blackboard Systems Admin and Educational Designer

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Halmstad University is a higher education institution in Sweden offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph. D. programs in Information Technology, Innovation Science, and Health and Lifestyle fields. There are around 11,000 students and over 60 active study programs split into four different schools. 

Setting Goals for Educational Development

When Halmstad partnered with Impact, there were two key goals that Johan and his team wanted to achieve:

  • Efficiently increase and improve LMS adoption among academic staff
  • View and analyze the impact of the training (workshops and campaigns) provided to faculty

Johan Lindström and his team had constructed campaigns and workshops geared at increasing LMS and third-party tool usage among their faculty. Johan thought that he had a good idea of how faculty was responding to these initiatives and how they were using the LMS based on conversations and general surveying, but as it turns out they were doing a lot of guesswork and didn’t have concrete insights.

“We were quite happy when we saw that the [Impact] system actually works in these two areas specifically.” – Johan Lindström

Halmstad didn’t have the proper tools to get a non-biased and in-depth overview of the institution’s LMS usage and that’s where Impact came in. With Impact’s tool adoption and course activity reports, in-line messaging, and context-based support, Halmstad could get a closer look at the behavior of faculty and students within the LMS and create a more effective strategy for improving adoption.

Optimizing LMS Adoption

Impact helped Halmstad University achieve its first goal by using Impact messaging and the Impact’s Support Center. When there’s an influx of new students coming at the beginning of terms, there’s a lot of concern about making sure that they know where to find everything in the  LMS. Johan and his team used Impact’s messaging and the Impact’s Support Center to provide a strong foundation of guidance to start these terms off effectively.

Impact messaging allowed the team to place context and role-based messages throughout the LMS to provide useful information at the time of need. This strategy not only helped increase LMS adoption but also alleviated the help desk from questions that could easily be answered.

“It’s helped us tremendously to be able to actually work with the [Impact] Messaging system…to give [users] small instructions on how to proceed in certain functionality and hopefully learn how it works and the benefits” – Johan Lindström

In addition to this proactive messaging, Impact provided an on-demand Support Center designed to help users navigate throughout the LMS. This 24/7 self-service help can to prompt users to seek answers before escalating their request which also contributes to alleviating help desk fatigue.

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Using Reports to Analyze Impact

To address Halmstad University’s second goal of clearly seeing and analyzing the impact of their training and adoption efforts, Impact Reports came in handy.  

“Of course, the reports gave us the accuracy to see the impact of what we are doing if it actually is happening, as we intended or planned it” – Johan Lindström

Johan works in the Center for Educational Development at Halmstad University the main purpose of his department is to increase the quality of the university’s pedagogy, specifically using digital tools. For this reason, this goal was particularly important to Johan and his team.

“For my team’s work, [we need] to see the impact of our campaigns or workshops or whatever kind of educational things we do with our academic staff…to see did this actually work.” – Johan Lindström

Looking to the Future

Halmstad University plans on continuing to use Impact to increase and improve LMS adoption as well as using Impact reports to determine strategy and get insights into the impact of their efforts. Moreover, Halmstad University looks forward to using Impact’s campaigns in order to increase the efficiency of their communication and structure their tool adoption reports. 

 “In the future, we’re going to look into two areas where we think [Impact] can help us a lot. The first thing is to start utilizing the campaign functionality within [Impact] Reporting…and the other thing is that we’re going to start using the messenger system – [Impact] messaging – much more than we do today” – Johan Lindström

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