Ensuring Academic Continuity

Impact helped Curtin University provide 24/7 support & targeted communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gordon Cunningham

Enterprise Lead For Learning Platforms

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Implementing Impact During a Pandemic

Like many universities around the world, Curtin University had been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the widespread impacts of the virus became more apparent, the university went through a risk management process and started to pivot to an off-campus delivery mode of teaching and learning. Throughout this process, their reliance on tools and applications in their digital learning environment increased significantly. 

The university needed a way to quickly deploy resources and services to faculty in order to assist their transition online, as well as to support their students. They found their answer in Impact. Curtin was able to provide 24/7 support to students and staff with the Impact Support Center, communicate with the right groups of users using Impact Messaging, and had ready access to usage data so they could see and measure the exact impact of what they were doing. 

Watch Gordon Cunningham, Enterprise Lead for Learning Platforms at Curtin University, discuss how he implemented Impact at Curtin University now:

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of LMS usage

According to Gordon, the initial selling point was the ability to monitor trends that were occurring online. Their first priority was to make sure that students weren’t dropping off while online and were actively engaged throughout the Learning Management System (LMS). The following graph shows Curtin’s daily average minutes per user, broken down by department.

They could see in what departments students were still logging on to and using Blackboard Learn. They also wanted to make sure that students were actively engaged. Impact allowed them to measure analytics directly from within the LMS, including areas such as student discussions.

Using Messaging to Help the Transition Online

Halfway through the semester, the university deployed an Impact message to promote what they called a ‘pulse survey’, which was displayed to all students when they logged into Blackboard Learn.

The goal of this survey was to gauge how students felt about the online transition and where the university could provide additional support. Within a two week period, they had almost ten thousand responses. According to Gordon, that response rate would never have been possible through traditional communication channels such as emails or announcement boards.

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Looking to the Future

Curtin University continues to use Impact to monitor LMS usage and measure tool adoption and trends. With the help of proactive messaging and support, Gordon and his team can locate areas that need more adoption and implement strategies to help users optimize their experience. To learn more about how Curtin University carried our interventions and improvements to the tool adoption within their LMS, download the full case study.

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