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Discover how CCSNH uses Impact to enhance its Canvas communication and streamline effective support.

Alisa Kadenic-Newman

Director of Academic Technology

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The Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) is a public system of seven colleges located across the state of New Hampshire. CCSNH serves around 26,000 learners annually, offering over 80 Associate Degree Programs and over 120 certificate programs and specialized training.

Impact at CCSNH

CCSNH has been an Impact by Instructure customer since 2018 when it was going through its migration to Canvas. Since then, CCSNH has been focused on optimizing its EdTech adoption as well as providing a high-quality online teaching and learning experience for all its members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Alisa Kadenic-Newman, Director of Academic Technology, continued to use Impact to deliver important campus information, gather actionable insights about Canvas usage, explain Canvas and third-party tool functionalities, and provide necessary resources to answer questions. During our Canvas Panel in 2021, we asked Alisa about her team’s recent accomplishments with Impact.

Perfecting Precise Targeting

Like any institution in the world, CCSNH has information that needs to be communicated to its faculty and students throughout its Learning Management System. This information could be about tool usage, task reminders, or any other announcements that require attention. However, sometimes not all information is relevant for everyone.

With Impact, CCSNH could segment its audience and deliver targeted communication at the right time to the right users. This kind of messaging ensured that students weren’t oversaturated with notifications, and Alisa and her team could focus on increasing adoption and third-party tool usage.

“What I really like about [Impact] is the ability to target specific users… [Impact] allowed us to improve what kind of messages we are putting out” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

During 2018, CCSNH successfully migrated to Canvas with the help of Impact’s messaging, support and insights, learn more about their migration timeline and strategy here.

Enforcing COVID-19 Regulations

CCSNH used Impact’s targeted messaging in order to communicate information about COVID-19 protocols when students started returning to campus. Additionally, in order to optimize their COVID-19 campus management, CCSNH developed their own application that would allow users to seamlessly fill out all the necessary documentation to enter campus and attend certain courses.

“For certain classes in certain labs, students have to come on campus. For that reason, we, and they, had to fill out a form every time they come on campus…CCSNH created an app that everybody could use, instead of using a paper form.” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

However, despite the existence of the application, the struggle was to get all students and faculty to download it and start using it regularly. Alisa and the Impact Product Team brainstormed an efficient solution that would combine effective communication and proactive support. A message with a QR code was placed within the first page that users would land on when logging into the CCSNH Canvas environment.

The message included a QR code that linked users to the app.

The QR code would directly link users to the place where they could download the CCSNH app and contained instructions on how to use it properly. In addition, Alisa enabled the feedback collection feature on this message in order to gauge whether the message was successful and if users found it helpful.

“It made so much of a difference, the QR code. We’ve gotten so many positive reviews. Lots of thumbs up, students were saying: “it’s so easy!”. You just click on it, download it, and off you go…It saved us a lot of time and a lot of pain in trying to figure out how to not only get the information out but also how to get the app out.” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

The functionality of the QR code format was so successful that this example was later shared on the Impact Universe. The Impact universe is a library of reusable Impact content templates that are submitted by institutions around the world to share use-cases and best-practice ideas. Many institutions have come up with creative ways to deliver information about COVID-19 protocols to their community.

Impact Award for Most Innovative Customer

In 2020, Alisa Kadenic-Newman won an Impact Award for the innovative application of Impact with the QR code message. This innovative approach to verify student compliance and provide students with necessary COVID-19 information stood out and inspired more creative use cases for other Impact customers.

Discover which other institution’s won Impact Awards in 2020.

Streamlining Support

Another crucial feature for CCSNH is the contextual and role-sensitive support that Impact provides through its Support Center. With Impact, Alisa can add different support articles and resources to the support center and when users open the support center from their Canvas environment it will automatically present the most relevant resources suggestions based on role and location (i.e. page that the user is on) within the LMS.

“We are a system of seven colleges… so being able to add different articles for the seven colleges at their own level is invaluable ” – Alisa Kadenic-Newman

With Impact, Alisa and her team can even use Impact’s insights to identify areas of the LMS that are bringing in the most support tickets and develop a strategy to deliver resources that are in high demand. This combination of Impact’s insights, messaging and Tier 0 support will deflect tickets, alleviate the help desk, and cut resolution time significantly.

Plans for the Future

With the constant evolution of LMS functionality and third-party tools, Alisa and her team want to focus more on training faculty to use the Canvas environment to its full potential. Using Impact messaging and the Impact support center, Alisa can introduce proactive resources for faculty to be guided through the training on new tools or best practices.

“This year is all about training our faculty on the new technologies.”- Alisa Kadenic-Newman

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