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With Impact, Malayan Colleges Laguna was able to confidently transition online & optimize its LMS during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roel Rodrigo

Director of the Learning Environment and Innovations Office

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Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) is a premier provider of science, technology, and business education in Southern Luzon, the Philippines. MCL has five degree-offering colleges with 18 baccalaureate programs and has been a loyal Impact customer since 2017.

Impact at Malayan Colleges Laguna

Like many institutions around the world, Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) has prioritized academic continuity during the uncertain times of the pandemic. With changing global restrictions affecting the MCL campus, a key goal for the Learning Management System (LMS) team was to communicate vital information as effectively as possible and make sure that students and staff were using EdTech tools to their full capacity. MCL’s objectives with Impact were to increase LMS adoption, and understand how students and teachers were using their EdTech tools. MCL also sought a way to get well-defined usage reports that could be shared with senior officials to determine the next steps.

Impact Messaging for Adoption

Impact Messaging has been crucial for MCL, especially when face-to-face interactions between members of the community are limited. Impact’s seamless integration with Blackboard Learn helped MCL present relevant messages containing critical information and resources in a timely manner to their target users. Role and context-specific messaging allowed MCL to guide users through their LMS, apprehend their queries and increase tool adoption across the board. 

“[Impact] has been instrumental in helping us achieve 99% usage of our LMS.” – Roel Rodrigo

Taking Action with Tool Adoption Reports

In addition to Impact Messaging, MCL makes significant use of Impact’s tool adoption reporting in order to ensure that the delivery of classes and course materials are functioning optimally.

“[Impact] gives us vital information on how we can further encourage our users, particularly the instructors, to discover other features of the LMS.”- Roel Rodrigo

A key takeaway from the tool adoption reports involves analyzing the institution’s investments in the different platforms for online learning. With deeper insights into the usage of different tools, MCL can differentiate between successfully adopted tools and those that need more support. They are also able to, for example, relay this information to higher management in order to justify (or discontinue) investments in third-party tools based on usage data. 

With Impact, MCL has achieved an impressive 99% LMS adoption rate, with their users using an array of EdTech tools. 

“[Impact] allows us to monitor if [LMS users] are using the tools related to content, assessments, collaboration, communication, and even the grade center – we’re able to see how they are utilizing these tools and whether they need additional assistance”- Roel Rodrigo

Now that MCL is offering fully online learning during the pandemic, there is a collaborative effort between Roel’s LMS department, top management, instructors and even the students in order to succeed in the long run. 

“[Impact] was instrumental in providing the insights and the reports that we were able to give our Senior Officials here at MCL”- Roel Rodrigo

MCL utilizes Impact reports at weekly meetings to inform top management and stakeholders of how the faculty and instructors were dealing with the move to online learning. Based on these insights, Roel’s team could develop data-driven strategies to maximize ROI for their LMS.

Looking to the Future

MCL will continue to use Impact to prepare messages and campaigns that they can deploy in correlation with any shifts or changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I think this is very important, that we keep in touch with [our users], that we be connected, and they get updated about the changes and the directions of the institution.”- Roel Rodrigo

With Impact, MCL can be sure that they are reaching the full potential of their LMS, continuously perfecting their strategy with regards to online learning, and facilitating the best possible teaching and learning experience for their students and faculty.

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