Create a File message


Too much information and not enough space? Or maybe you’ve already done the work somewhere else.

Sometimes you might have too much to say for it to fit in a message box. Or perhaps, you have already written great documentation but it is saved somewhere else.

Sounds like a job for the File message!

Here are some scenarios for which this message type would be useful:

  • Add your own items to the Support Center
  • Refer users to training documentation
  • Refer users to Institution documentation

Follow the steps below to create and save your File message.


TIP! It’s a good idea to do a practice run in your staging environment first.

Log into your Eesysoft web application and navigate to the Help Item Overview by clicking on the Management box on the dashboard or using the menu bar on the left of the screen.


Click on the ‘Create’ drop-down menu on the top left and select File message.


TIP! The name you enter will be the heading of the message box so it’s a good idea to make it catchy.

Fill in a name and description for this Content. Use the Browse button to find the file which you want to attach.


Now click on ‘Ok’ to save.

You will see that your File message has now appeared in the Help Item Overview list. When selected, you can view and edit the File message properties on the right.


Now you need to set some properties for your message.


Assigned to: The message must be assigned to the relevant users. In the Targeting section, you can use the drop-down or start typing to find a User Group, Role Category, Filter, Segment or Campaign for your audience.


Proactive Voting: If you want to see feedback from your users on whether your message was helpful, you can switch this ‘On’. The results can be found in the Proactive Support Report.

Icon: Relevant for Support Center Help Items, the icon is automatically set to one which suits your message type. However, you can change it if you wish.
Why not use your Institution logo! Just get in touch!

Validity: If your message is only relevant for a certain period of time, you can set a first and last active day for your message.

Keywords: Relevant for Support Center Help Items, these are words that a user might search on to find this Content. The entries in your Help Item Title and Description fields are automatically assigned as Keywords by the system.

Labels: Used for grouping Content types, these Labels can also be used to filter Support Center topics. New Labels can be created through the EesyProducer.

Translations: If you wish to enter your message in more than one language, additional translations can be added here.

Congratulations! You have now created your File message. All you need to do now is connect it to your Context.