Connect a Monitor to a Reporting Template


Congratulations! You have created your Monitor and it’s off recording activity!

To see the information it’s recording, you need to add it to a Reporting Template By doing this, the data will be shown in the EesyReports


For more information about Reporting Templates including how to create your own, please go to What is a Reporting Template and where do I find it?


Follow the steps below to connect your Monitor to a Reporting Template.



TIP! Remember to log into the same environment that you used to create your Monitor.

Open up the EesyProducer and log into the relevant environment.


Navigate to Management / Reporting Templates. A new window will pop up displaying the available Reporting Templates.

INFO! For everything to do with Reporting Templates, please visit What is a Reporting Template and where do I find it?.


There are different Templates for different types of user and each contains 5 folders that relate to the 5 sections, or Tool Groups seen in many of the reports. These 5 Tool Groups contain all our out-of-the-box Monitors.



With the relevant Report Template folder selected, search for your Monitor in the window on the right by scrolling through the list or by starting to type in the search box.

TIP! It is a good idea to add your Monitor to the same folder in each of the Reporting Templates so that the information will be reflected regardless of the Template being used.

Monitors must be saved in a folder to appear in the Eesysoft Reports. If no folder exists that is relevant to your Monitor, you can create a new folder using the icon in the toolbar.


Highlight the Monitor and then click on the green arrow to move the Monitor to your selected folder.

Congratulations! You have now added your Monitor to your Reporting Templates

Now you can see the results from this Monitor in your EesySoft Reports Why not check it out in the Tool Adoption Report