Connect Content to the Support Center


Give help in the right place at the right time

it’s the Eesy way to do it

Support resources are most effective when provided at the place in the system where it is needed.

Our Support Center structure enables you to add additional resources at the relevant place in the system as well as the ability to assign the types of users for whom this information is relevant. For example, when a student encounters a problem and seeks out information, they will only see items that are relevant to a user type of Students and to the page on which they are situated. When an instructor seeks out information from the same page, they may see a different set of items that are relevant to a user type of Instructors.

Content that is connected to a Context doesn’t have to be connected to the Support Center Setup in order for it to appear in the Support Center window.

There is a Sub Segment property in the Support Center Setup which allows Help Items to appear in the Support Center when the user opens it from the Context to which the Help Item is connected. To see how this works, go to the Guide to the EesySoft Support Center

However, Content that isn’t connected to a Context can also be added to the Support Center structure.

Follow the steps below to connect your Content to the Support Center.


TIP! It’s a good idea to have a practice run in your staging environment first.

Open up the EesyProducer and log into the relevant environment.


Navigate to Management, Support Center Setup.


The Support Center structure will appear in a new window.

You can expand the various topics to see their structure by clicking on the icon to the left of each folder.

When an item is highlighted on the left, its properties and contents are detailed in the section to the right.

INFO! For more information on changing the structure and behaviour of the Support Center, please go to the Guide to the EesySoft Support Center


TIP! You can also remove and reorder Content in this section allowing you to put the most popular items at the top of the list. Find out more in the Guide to the EesySoft Support Center

Select the section under which you would like your Content to appear and click on the green in the Help Suggestions area.

A window will appear allowing you to select the item(s) you would like to add.


Finally, check that the Assignment of the Support Center Sub Segment is aligned with the assignment applied to your Help Item. Additional User Groups can be assigned to the topic using the green in the Assigned To area.

The Assignment applied to the individual Help Item will always override the Support Center Sub Segment assignment.

Congratulations! You have now connected your Content to the Support Center.
Why not go have a look at your handiwork!