Communicating Resources to Meet Student Basic Needs

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Campaign Description

The goal of this campaign is to inform students of resources available to them to ensure that their basic needs are being met.

Need Help with Housing, Meals, or Child Care?
A Pop-Up Message containing links to off and on-campus resources.

Copy & Paste Message Content

[University X] is dedicated to ensuring that our students basic needs are met. If you are facing housing, food, or child care insecurities please check out these [University X] resources.
We are here to support our [University X] family so that you can succeed in the classroom and in life.
Housing Resources:
Center for On-Campus Housing
Off-Campus Housing Assistance
County Housing Office
Food Resources:
University Food Pantry
Country Food Program

Child Care Resources: 
Child Care Information Office – On Campus
State Child Care Assistance Program 
DHS Child Care Provider Search
Mental and Physical Health Resources:
Campus Health Services
County Emergency Mental Health Line

Financial Services:
University Office of Financial Affairs


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