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Campaign Description

Rarely do campus emergencies occur when we have plenty of time to take action. These campaigns are designed to serve as a template to get campus information and alerts disbursed quickly.

Campus Closure Alert
This template message can be used when a university or campus is closed due to weather.

Copy & Paste Message Content

(INSERT NAME) has cancelled classes on its (NAME) campus due to (INSERT WEATHER DANGER). Campus will remain (OPEN/CLOSED).
The closure only impacts classes on the main campus. Online courses will continue.
Please continue to check the (WEBSITE) for information about tomorrow’s classes. Stay safe.

Campus Weather Alert
This message template serves as a reminder of severe weather and the potential for campus closures.

Copy & Paste Message Content

The safety of our community remains a top priority. There is a forecasted (INSERT WEATHER DANGER) on (DATE/TIME). The main campus will remain open; however we understand some local residents may have difficulty traveling to campus due to extreme conditions. We do not want our community members to travel in unsafe weather conditions.

Most classes will still be held face-to-face, however students should inquire with their professors about remote participation options.

Please stay safe and contact your professors with any concerns about learning. Other questions may be directed to (EMAIL).

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