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Campaign Description

This campaign promotes the Accessibility Toolkit for students registered with Access & Inclusion. The toolkit allow users to more efficiently and conveniently utilise the resources at their disposal on the LMS, as well as easily change between file formats.

Success Criteria

Students are aware of the Accessibility Toolkit, how to access it, and how to use it.
Don't forget - your Accessibility toolkit is always here for you!
This hint message appears next to the Accessibility Toolkit link. The message introduces TextAid, SensusAccess and ReadSpeaker which are all included in the toolkit. The message explains the benefits of using these tools. Note, this message is only for students registered for Access & Inclusion at the institution to help with their online learning.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi Schelly,

When you have a minute, please have a look at the Accessibility Toolkit. Here you will find a link to TextAid and a number of resources to help you use TextAid effectively. TextAid is a text to speech and speech to text tool, and much more.

Also new is Convert a File (SensusAccess). This tool enables you to convert almost any file into a format that suits your needs, including mp3, Daisy full text and Audio, Daisy Math full text and Audio, Braille, eBook and more.

The same Australian English voice is used by ReadSpeaker, TextAid, and Covert a File (SensusAccess)!

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