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Campaign Description

UMBC created two campaigns to promote a new faculty professional development & training program, Planning Instructional Variety in Online Teaching (PIVOT). As a series of five live webinars, the program was designed to support faculty who wanted to take a more deliberate and holistic approach to preparing courses for remote, synchronous and asynchronous, online instruction. Although UMBC has campus portal and email systems, we wanted more direct outreach to promote this program. EesySoft made it easy to create and embed a message in all Original courses. Our first campaign focused on end of spring training for faculty who were teaching in summer while the second campaign was launched at the start of summer for faculty who were planning for fall.

Success Criteria

After six weeks, the spring campaign reached 78% of its intended audience while the summer campaign has reached 56% after four weeks into the summer term. We had 1,030 registrations for the spring webinars with 764 attendees for one or more sessions (72 people attended all 5 sessions and accounted for 360 attendees). There were 263 unique participants during the week, 122 of whom are teaching this summer, which was our most pressing need. To date, we’ve received 107 survey responses from the 263, and 77% rated the spring webinars as helpful.
Designing & Preparing Your Online Class
Summer PIVOT webinars

Copy & Paste Message Content

**Teaching online this summer or thinking ahead to fall?** Plan your course roadmap with a PIVOT* webinar. Now [offered monthly]( this summer! **Sign up via myUMBC**:
– [June 22 to 26 at 10 a.m.](
– [July 20 to 24 at 10 a.m.](
– [August 10 to 14 at 12:00 p.m.](
Learn more about organizing & designing an online course and more! Open to all instructors & TAs. 
_* Planning Instructional Variety for Online Teaching_

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