Campaign to promote Blackboard support sessions for staff

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Campaign Description

The goal is to make instructors and other staff aware of the weekly support sessions that this particular schools hosts. In their weekly ‘Friday Free For All’, users can ask any Blackboard or third-party tool related questions in a dedicated Support & Training Room, hosted within BB Collaborate.

Success Criteria

Staff are aware of when weekly Support Sessions are held and when they occur. Monitor attendance at the sessions to track success of campaign.
Friday Free for All - Each Friday at Noon! (NSW time)
SCU runs a Friday Free for All which is available to all staff to join in a Collaborate session to ask questions about the learning management system and all the ancillary tools using at the university to teach. Staff from Blackboard support, Digital Resources and an academic are available every Friday at noon to 1:00 p.m. This systray message appears every Friday morning to remind staff that the session is there to help them. It disappears at 12:58.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi Schelly,

Remember every Friday at Noon NSW time, we will be in Blackboard Collaborate in the Support and Training Room to help you with anything Blackboard or anything Collaborate!

Click on Support and Training Room or drop into the Blackboard Support for Staff Users and click on Support & Training Room there.

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