Campaign to inform users about how to ' do not show' messages again

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Campaign Description

The goal is to inform users how to get rid of popups so that those who don’t need to see them any more do not get irritated by them. These messages are intended to help users, not to get in their way.

Success Criteria

Users know how to get rid of pop-up messages that they no longer wish to see
How do I get rid of these popups?
This message informs the user how to dismiss pop-up messages they no longer wish to see, so they don’t see the same help items and info over and over.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi Schelly,

We have created a number of popups that appear in strategic locations in MySCU Blackboard and these are designed to assist you with a specific tool or feature.

These popups, once read, can be dismissed and will not appear again with the same information and in the same place.

Look for ‘Don’t show this again’ at the bottom elft of the popup and click on it.


Your feedback is very valuable to us. Please vote Yes for helpful and No for not helpful. If you click on no, you will be provided with a field to write in why the message wasn’t helpful and how it could be improved. If there is something we can do to improve the message, it will be because of your feedback!

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