Campaign to inform students of course information at start of term

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Campaign Description

The goal of this campaign is to decrease support tickets from students at the start of term when they are attempting to view their courses before they are live.

Success Criteria

Reduction of support tickets from students searching for their course
Welcome to a New Semester at EesySoft University!
A hint message pointing at courses.

Copy & Paste Message Content

When will my courses appear in Canvas?
Fall 2021 Semester: 8/15/2021
Spring 2022 Semester: 1/18/2022
I am missing courses. Why?
Please allow up to 24 hours for any add and drops to be processed in Canvas. If you are still missing your courses after 24 hours, please contact our office.
I see some of my courses, but not all. Why?
While courses are defaulted to appear the week prior to the semester start, instructors do have the ability to make their courses available earlier.

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