Campaign to inform instructors of how to make Collaborate Ultra recordings downloadable

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Campaign Description

The goal is to ensure that all instructors know how to make their Collaborate Ultra recordings downloadable for students, and know that this setting must be changed before they start recording. This will ensure students can access the content they need and instructors do not have to re-record any sessions.

Success Criteria

Instructors are aware of how to allow their Collaborate Ultra recordings to be downloaded, and know to engage this option before they start recording.
Allowing Recording Downloads
When SCU rolled out Collaborate Ultra to all staff, they knew that the ability to download an Ultra recording would be paramount. As this is not a default or global setting, they created a hint that appears to any user who creates a new Collaborate Ultra session. The message shows them how to allow recorded sessions to be downloaded. It also has tells them how to not see this message again.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi Schelly,

In order for anyone to download recordings, you must change your Session Settings. This must be done BEFORE a recording.

Click the ‘…’ and select Edit Settings.


Scroll down to Session Settings, click this to expand and click to Allowing Recording Downloads.


If you create a recurring session, make sure that this Allowing Recording Downloads is selected BEFORE you SAVE the recurring sessions!

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