Campaign to explain to instructors how Blackboard Collaborate Ultra works

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Campaign Description

The goal is to make instructors aware of how BB Collaborate Ultra works. This campaign uses a recommended checklist that instructors can go through. The better instructors are able to use Collaborate Ultra, the better the learning experience will be for their students.

Success Criteria

Instructors are aware of how to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and can set up their own sessions.
Collaborate Checklist
This hint message appears on the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra page. It provides a checklist of all the settings instructors can adjust when setting up a Collaborate session, and links to further support information should they need it.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Here is a recommended checklist for when creating a Collaborate session.

Event Details
– Provide a descriptive name (i.e. Week 8 – Understanding Electrocardiograms)
– Add a start/end date so students know when to meet
– Default Role – Participant

Session Settings
– Allow Recording Downloads
– Turn off Participants can share audio
– Turn off Participants can share video
– Turn off Participants can draw on the whiteboard
– Turn on Participants can only chat privately with Moderator

Attendance Reporting
If you would like to track attendance select Share attendance information with LMS.
More information about Attendance Tracking can be found here [INSERT LINK].

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