SaaS Release of September 2nd 2021: Instructors

Why use this campaign?

To inform instructors about updates and new features implemented by Blackboard on September 2nd, 2021.

Tool categories

The following tool categories must be enabled in order to deploy this campaign:



Updates: September 2nd 2021 (Instructors)

Support Articles

Peer Review Assignments: Improved Handling for Disabled Students and Deleted Attempts

Partial Credit for Fill in the Blank Questions

Email Styling Enhancements

Assignment Attempts Screen Improvements

Allow Instructors to Show or Hide the ”Additional Content” Section at the End of Assessments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many institutions find themselves facing similar challenges and need to communicate with their users (instructors and students) to implement something new, or increase usage of a certain tool inside their LMS, for example. We anticipate such scenarios and create EesySoft campaign templates surrounding a wide range of topics. These campaign templates consist of contextualized messages, ensuring that users receive on-demand assistance, accompanied by relevant help articles and videos, to help them achieve their goals. The content is delivered to you in a straight-forward template format. You can preview all of the content to decide if it meets your needs and import it with the click of a button. You are free to customize the campaign by adding, editing, or deleting content that is not applicable to your institution.

Learn more in the following articles:

Would you like to use premade articles, messages, and reports offered by EesySoft’s in-house education specialists? Here is how you can import a campaign template and use it within your own environment.


  1. Sign in to and select the desired EesySoft instance.

  2. In the top navigation, click Campaigns.

  3. Click the Templates tab.

  4. Select the template you wish to import by examining the title and description.

  5. Click the Import button of the desired campaign.


  6. On the Campaign Details page, review the campaign information, target audience, and outcomes. You can edit any campaign property where needed.

  7. In the Help Items section, you are able to preview all of the associated messages and articles.


  8. Here, you can also add or remove campaign content.

  9. Existing campaign content can be edited from the Message or Support page.

  10. Once your campaign is ready, you can start it right away or schedule it for a later date.

At EesySoft, we have a team dedicated to creating content, which includes designing and delivering Eesysoft Campaign templates. The content team consists of experts in educational technology and instructional design. They carefully consider the prior knowledge of the users, their time constraints and motivation, so that campaigns provide useful information in the right format to successfully support them to change their behavior.

If you have an idea for an EesySoft campaign template that other institutions could benefit from you can submit it in the Universe. The content team regularly checks these, and they often provide inspiration to create campaign templates that benefit a wide range of customers. Alternatively, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Using a campaign template as a draft means cloning the campaign template to your list of campaigns – don‚Äôt worry, the campaign does not automatically start after after you click “use as draft”. You are always in control!

After you have clicked “use as draft” , it is visible in your list of campaigns. This means you can review it and if necessary, tailor it to meet the needs of your institution. Only after assigning a target audience and pressing the Start Campaign button, the campaign will be activated and its content will be shown to your specified target audience. Remember that you can stop the campaign at any time by simply clicking on the Stop Campaign button.

Ready to launch a campaign or schedule it for a future date? Here is how you are able to determine a campaign’s start and end date on the Campaign Details page.



  1. Sign in to and select the desired EesySoft instance.

  2. In the top navigation, click Campaigns.

  3. In the All Campaigns tab, click on the campaign you wish to launch.

  4. On the Campaign Details page, click the Start Campaign button to launch the campaign immediately.


  5. This will set the campaign start date to the current date and time and leave the end date blank.


  6. If you wish to end the campaign, click the Stop Campaign button, which will populate the end date with the current date and time.


  7. To set a specific start and end date for the campaign, click the Schedule Campaign button.


  8. Enter the desired start date and end date in the dialog and click Ok.


  9. The start date and end date are updated accordingly.


The messages and articles assigned to the campaign are only shown to end-users once the campaign has started.