Campaign for fully online end-of-term

End of Term, Students

Campaign Description

This campaign is to ensure a smooth end-of-term for your institution. This includes things such as promoting timely grading, briefing teaching assistants, facilitating submission processes, communicating deadlines, etc.

Success Criteria

Students are aware of all the actions they need to complete before the end of semester, should see reduced incoming support requests from students, teachers will receive less questions.
Have you completed the following items?
This message informs student of everything they still need to do before the semester comes to a close. A simple to-do list that they can go through should ensure that less students are forgetting to do things like submit final assignments, set online presentation dates, etc.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Dear ,

The end of term is just around the corner! Please go through the following checklist to ensure you have completed everything you need to do for this course.

– Submit your final paper in the ‘Assignment’ tab under ‘Week 8’
– Confirm a date with your instructor for your online final presentation
– Download the summer readings in the ‘Course Content’ tab

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