Campaign for Cyber Security Awareness

COVID-19, Students

Campaign Description

To make students aware of fraudulent activity regarding Covid-19 (for example phishing messages) and how to report a cyber security incident

Success Criteria

High amount of views of the actual messages to raise that awareness
Cyber Security Awareness
Popup on the student portal landing page making students aware of possible cyber security issues regarding Covid-19 and how to report any fraudulent/suspicious activity

Copy & Paste Message Content

There is an increasing amount of fraudulent activity around COVID-19, attempting to take advantage of Australians during this vulnerable time.
These include phishing text messages, emails, phone calls, and social media activity, all designed to look like they have come from a legitimate source.
If you receive anything you might be suspicious of, avoid clicking any links and report directly to the TS Service Desk – Report a Cyber Security Incident.

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