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Campaign Description

This campaign is intended to share information related to COVID-19. Messages are in the interest of student safety and are largely concerned with sharing important information and logistics related to the pandemic.

Success Criteria

Students are aware of updated policies and procedures as a result of COVID-19.
Important Updates on COVID-19
This pop-up message appears for all students on the LMS homepage. It provides important information regarding COVID-19, in this case related to picking up personal items from lockers on campus. This content of this message is specific to George Brown College, but the format and idea can of course be applied elsewhere.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Locker Access During COVID-19

We recognize that students may need to retrieve personal items from their lockers on campus so we have arranged for Public Safety & Security to provide access during the following dates and times ONLY:
– Thursday, March 19: 9am – 5pm
– Friday, March 20: 9am – 5pm
– Monday, March 23: 9am – 5pm
– Tuesday, March 24: 9am – 5pm

Students must bring a student ID and cannot bring any friends or family members inside with them. If a student shows any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be turned away. No locks will be cut during this time – if students forget their combination or to bring their key, they will not be able to access their locker.

To gain entry, students must visit the central check-in point for their campus, at which point a security guard will escort them to their locker:
– St James Campus: Check-in for all buildings (A, B, E) in main lobby of 200 King St. E.
– Casa Loma Campus: Check-in for all buldings (C, D) in main lobby of 146 Kendal Ave.
– Waterfront Campus: Check-in for all buildings (including Daniels) in main lobby of 51 Dockside Dr.

Please only come on Campus to retrieve items that you may require for your courses.

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