Promote Ally Usage with EesySoft

EesySoft has partnered with Blackboard Ally for LMS to help institutions strategize, measure, and execute their Ally implementation efforts with a series of out-of-the-box messaging, monitoring and support campaigns. 

What you can do with EesySoft and Blackboard Ally?

Promote Ally with EesySoft Messages

Ensure your students and faculty are made aware of Ally, quickly learn how it works, and are supported immediately whenever they need help.

EesySoft provides a series of out of the box messaging campaigns design specifically to promote Ally usage. 

Measure the Impact on Ally Adoption

EesySoft’s out-of-the-box messaging campaigns are strategically placed in your LMS to proactively target faculty and students.

Track how each messaging campaign, training, email or external event impacts the adoption of Ally!

Support Resources
Just A Click Away

EesySoft provides your users with 24/7 access to our Support Center, directly within Blackboard! 

Our Support Center compiles Ally-specific help items so users can easily access additional information about Ally, without ever having to leave the Blackboard environment.

What does the Blackboard Ally team think about EesySoft?

EesySoft provides institutions with the assurance and confidence that their instructors are going to understand the purpose of Blackboard Ally, the intent behind its accessibility scores, and how they can leverage these insights to create a more inclusive educational experience.
Dr. John Scott
Product Manager at Blackboard Ally

How do our customers use EesySoft to promote Ally?

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Discover how Brunel University used EesySoft to effectively introduce and implement the accessibility tool Blackboard Ally within their learning management system.

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Download the EesySoft for Blackboard Ally whitepaper to discover how you can leverage EesySoft to increase Ally adoption and improve accessibility at your institution. 

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