Awareness of migration to Ultra Base Navigation

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Campaign Description

This message is intended to inform both students and instructors that their Blackboard LMS is migrating to Ultra Base Navigation. It also pro-actively informs them about expected downtime. The goal is to reduce confusion as users move to the newer version of Blackboard.

Success Criteria

Users are aware of the new LMS version and migrate successfully; monitor the number of active users in old vs. new LMS version
Get Ready for Change!
This message links to more information about the changes users can expect, as well as letting them know when Blackboard will be temporarily unavailable. The message also includes a timer counting down the days/hours until the change is implemented.

Copy & Paste Message Content

Get Ready for Change!

EesySoft University will be moving to Blackboard’s Ultra Base Navigation on December 30, 2019. After this date you will have access to new tools and functionalities in Blackboard. Click here to learn more about the changes.

Blackboard will be unavailable on December 30th during the transition. Please be sure to download all the necessary documents before this date.

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