Answering FAQ - I cannot see all of my courses at the start of the semester

Students, Start of Term

Campaign Description

This campaign would be deployed at the beginning of a semester to find out quickly which students still need to be granted access to their courses by their instructors.

Success Criteria

Students are enrolled in the correct courses, little/no incoming support queries about enrolment
Do you see all of your courses?
This is a proactive message intended to make sure students see (i.e. are enrolled) in all of their courses. It displays next to ‘My Courses’, immediately pointing out to student where they should see a full list of all their courses.

Copy & Paste Message Content

**Do you see all of your courses**?

If you do not see your course(s) listed at the start of the Fall Semester, please contact your instructor. Instructors must make the courses available to students in Blackboard.

If your course(s) is still not available after September 9, please contact the helpdesk by clicking this link.

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