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Campaign Description

The following campaign example shows how Brunel University, London approached a phased implementation of Blackboard Ally, using EesySoft to support students along the way. With time pressure to implement Ally by their semester start date in September 2019, Brunel contacted the EesySquad, and our CSM Ladan helped them to create Campaigns and EesySoft’s out-of-the-box messages to achieve their goals! Check out the full use-case here:

Success Criteria

Blackboard Ally is implemented before the semester start date with targeted, data-driven EesyCampaigns and Eesy- Support to handle incoming queries from students regarding the new tool
Ally for Students
Campaign message to increase awareness among students about Blackboard Ally and how they can use the tool to view uploaded content in alternative file formats. The message was supported through an explanation video borrowed from Blackboard’s knowledge base. The video covers the value of Ally for students.
  • Hint Message
  • Students
  • On the Ally ‘A’ symbol next to any files frequently accesses by students

Copy & Paste Message Content

Click here to have access to alternative file formats of your course content. This will help to make study materials fit your learning needs.
Ally for Staff: Uploading Accessible Content
Campaign message to inform university faculty on the approved file formats they can use when uploading files to Blackboard. The goal was to ensure that Blackboard Ally could effectively processes these files and check them for accessibility. This message was part of the Ally Implementation for Staff campaign – which included even more monitors and messages than the student campaign.
  • Hint Message
  • Instructors
  • This message appeared wherever staff members attempted to upload a file

Copy & Paste Message Content

To make sure your content will be available to users with Ally Alternative Formats, please use the following file formats: – PDF files – Microsoft**® **Word files** ** – Microsoft® PowerPoint® files – OpenOffice/LibreOffice files – Image files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BPM, TIFF) Click here for additional help items on file Accessibility
Ally for Staff: Attention to Accessibility
Campaign message to help instructors understand the Ally accessibility gauge indicators located next to their uploaded content. The message explains what each indicator means through an image,making it easy for instructors and staff to understand which content items they need to improve for accessibility.
  • Hint Message
  • Instructors
  • On the Ally accessibility gauge next to uploaded files

Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi , Seen these indicators on your course files? We are now able to support the accessibility of your course with a simple and effective accessibility tool called Ally. Don’t worry, only staff can see these indicators. Students just see the links to download alternative versions of your files. Learn more about accessibility with Ally

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