Drive EdTech Adoption

Track exactly how faculty and students use your Learning Management System (LMS) and 3rd-party Ed Tech Tools. Then take data-driven action to communicate with your users through Impact’s personalized, in-app messages and measure the impact. 

Measure tool adoption

Gain insight into how faculty & students use your LMS

Know exactly how students and faculty use the LMS and 3rd party tools to identify which users need more training or may be at risk.

[Impact] enables us to monitor student engagement in a way that we haven’t been able to before

Take action with Messages!

Place targeted messages anywhere in your LMS and personalize for specific users or group.

Measure the impact of training and events with EesySoft adoption

Track the impact of training sessions, events & messages

Measure the impact of your training sessions, information emails and Impact’s messaging on how students and faculty engage with the targeted tool or feature.  

With only one proactive message, they were able to boost faculty adoption of an LMS tool by 264% in just two weeks!

Compare adoption across courses

Get the granular data about tool usage in each and every course and build customizable comparison reports.

Impact allowed us to see that nearly 50% of the faculty who had rubrics in their course were not using them to grade. However, within two weeks of the messages being deployed, we were able to show almost 100% adoption of the feature.
Message Engagement

Keep track of adoption projects with Campaigns

Bring all your content, events and activity monitors into one place to keep track of larger adoption projects. (Like introducing a new accessibility tool!)

Even more insights!

Need even more data? We can help with that. With Impact it’s easy to keep track of general user activity statistics or dive into the data to find champion users at any specific tool or feature.

Driving Ed Tech Adoption

Download the Impact Adoption Whitepaper to find out how you can drive technology adoption at your institution through data-driven communication campaigns allowing you to accelerate and measure.

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