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What is Impact?

Impact by Instructure helps institutions increase adoption by informing and supporting students and teachers on where, when, how, and why to use built-in and LTI-based tools within their learning management system.  

Impact’s easy-to-use platform also provides reporting for institutions to see which interventions improve adoption and where students and teachers need the most help.  When a problem is identified, messages can be created directly from reports or within the LMS to solve challenges and improve user satisfaction immediately.   

Overcome the
"LTI Black Hole"

For LMS end users, LTI-based tools can be hard to find with different workflows from native LMS tools often leading to more lower adoption and more expensive support. Difficulty comparing adoption data between LTI tools and native LMS tools makes it hard for you and your customers to take action and see which actions are most effective in improving adoption.    

Overcome these challenges by partnering with Impact! With just 1 line of code Impact lets you provide self-service support, in application messaging, and deeper data monitoring capabilities to help you increase user adoption and satisfaction.


How partnering with Impact helps...


Help Your Success Team Increase Retention

You have adoption data on your customers, but what does it mean? Instead of data in a silo, with Impact you can Identify potential renewal challenges earlier by understanding your users’ experience, support challenges, and adoption in context with other tools in their Ed Tech ecosystem

  • Improve adoption through targeted campaigns with customers.
  • Notify users about new features and updates.
  • Improve the new user onboarding experience.

Increase Sales
Team Productivity

Increase visibility of your application to new customers and existing users to:

  • Improve trial conversion rates with proactive communication and real-time insight into key success metrics.
  • Reduce post sales challenges by simplifying implementation from trial to full usage.
  • Include Impact in a services package from your team for customers who need extra help.

Help Your Buyers Understand Their ROI

Fast-track your sales cycle by using Impact to help buyers justify ROI and budget for your tools using adoption data within context of other EdTech tool adoption data.

  • Measure and improve adoption of your tools within your customers’ LMS.
  • Align messaging and support with training activities and measure the impact in real time.
  • Intervene when problems occur to save time and money, while improving user satisfaction.

Better Support
For Faculty & Students

Empower your end-users to solve issues on their own with 24/7 self-support in your application and in their LMS. 

  • 1 consistent support experience for your tools and the rest of their Ed Tech.
  • Improve the user support experience.
  • Increased engagement through personalized communication.
EesySoft for EdTech Support and LMS Support

Impact & Blackboard Ally

How Blackboard Ally For LMS partnered with Impact to increase the adoption and improve support for Ally in Learning Management Systems like Blackboard & Canvas.

“[Impact's] EdTech Adoption Platform provides institutions with the assurance and confidence that their instructors are going to understand the purpose of Blackboard Ally, the intent behind its accessibility scores, and how they can leverage these insights to create a more inclusive educational experience.”
Dr. John Scott
Product Manager at Blackboard Ally

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