Partnerships and Integrations

EesySoft has established strong partnerships with the leading organizations in educational technology. Through our integrations with the top LMS solutions, we are able to support over 75% of the higher ed institutions worldwide.

Our Partners

Blackboard Signature Partner
Canvas partnership
Moodle Partnership

Why Partner with us?

Does your company offer educational technology? Do you want to retain your customers by helping them get the most value from your technology? Is your company committed to providing the best user and customer experience?

Then we’d love to partner with you!

We provide “eesy” to integrate, data-driven communication and support tools. The use of our software drives greater client adoption and satisfaction which translates into higher retention.

Blackboard signature partner

Blackboard Signature Partnership

Want to learn more about our Blackboard partnership?  Request this Blackboard blog post to see how we have helped make the life of Blackboard users Eesy-er!   

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you retain happy and engaged customers!