Webinar June 4th 2020

Setting Up Your EesySoft - Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience Integration

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EesySoft is now available for the Black Learn Ultra Experience.

If you have requested to start the installation process with the EesySoft team (which you can do here: https://www.eesysoft.com/blackboard-learn-ultra-integration/#integrate), we will reach out and get you set up with everything you need! 

Support articles as they come out-of-the-box are relevant to the version you’re using. If you want to add more support articles yourself, that will go into the Support Center in addition to what is already there. Articles focusing on Learn Original will still appear alongside the Ultra Articles – both will be available in the Support Center. 

There is a whole lot in the pipeline and a lot of it will be ready in the very near future. One guarantee is that the Inline Editor will be available before the fall semester.
Upon launch a large number of monitors will already be available, and more contexts and monitors will be made available in the coming weeks. In terms of user-defined monitors, these will take a bit longer but are a priority nonetheless. Our goal is to close the gap between EesySoft in the Blackboard Learn Original Experience and Learn Ultra Experience as soon as possible.
This is not necessary, as you can add the context from both the Learn Original Experience and the Learn Ultra Experience to the same message. You can have more than one context on a message. Further, with the release of EesySoft 3.0 the new dashboard will allow for easier tracking and oversight of what contexts your messages are on. 
The user does not need to have any system admin permissions, just a user account.
The button stays looking the same but instead of sending you to the external help.blackboard.com, it opens the in-app EesySoft Support Center, where among additional support items the content from help.blackboard.com is already integrated. At the Base Navigation level this is the same – the Blackboard Help speech bubble button stays at the right hand bottom of the page and opens into the EesySoft Support Center. If you are in a hybrid situation using dual courses, when you go into an original course, you get the original EesySoft experience. However, if you have installed the integration, within the original course it will still have the same slide-out behaviour for the Support Center as in a Full Ultra course. 
No. In terms of the installation, both the building block and LTI need to remain in place. So please keep everything as it is. 
Yes, the LTI integration and REST API integration as well as resource cross-sharing need to be installed. It takes about 3-5 minutes to install the building block, and for the rest of the integration process, this will take about 8 minutes.
If you’re interested in such an installation please reach out to Edwin (edwin@eesysoft.com), Danny (danny@eesysoft.com) or Mieke (mieke@eesysoft.com) and we will provide you with all the necessary details and information to set this up. Alternatively, just place a support ticket! 
Yes, you will be able to implement this Campaign, and all the messages included in this Campaign can be edited according to your preferences. This goes for all of our campaigns, not just the Learn Ultra Experience campaigns. 
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