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What is EesySoft?

EesySoft helps institutions around the world improve the way they use Canvas LMS and 3rd-Party EdTech Tools by adding a layer of personalized communication and self-support. Measure how faculty and students use your EdTech, take action with targeted in-application messages and provide 24/7 context-sensitive self-support.

How Do Institutions Use EesySoft?

Foothill College Logo

Using EesySoft at Foothill College amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

EesySoft was instrumental in ensuring academic continuity at Foothill College and this session will go into detail on just how EesySoft’s in-line messaging, tool adoption reports, and support center were utilized to support and guide students and faculty during the transition to fully online teaching & learning this year.

Jolie Theall
Jolie TheallInstructional Designer & Frontline Canvas Administrator Foothill College
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Being able to have a strategic, precise message pop up right when somebody is about to do something [in the LMS] that might not be working right is amazing!
Alisa Kadenic-Newman
Alisa Kadenic-Newman Academic Technology Director at the Community College System of New Hampshire
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EesySoft has been instrumental in ensuring our faculty and students make a successful move to Canvas. We have been able to track adoption and reach out to users who may be struggling with the transition. EesySoft has made a complex task much easier!"
Lené Whitley-Putz
Lené Whitley-PutzDean Online Learning Foothill College
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Our students immediately recognised how powerful it was to be able to message one another in a big message that all students were seeing. Once students starting saying “this is valuable”, it became a way for the entire campus to communicate.
Nancy Cutler
Nancy CutlerDeputy CIO for Academic Technology
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Using EesySoft helped us identify a gap in our LMS training. We discovered that a much higher than anticipated number of faculty members were using the quiz function on Canvas. We added new training opportunities on quizzes for faculty, which were highly attended.

Using EesySoft to Migrate from Blackboard Learn to Canvas LMS.

Find out how the Community College System of New Hampshire used EesySoft to smoothen the transition from Blackboard to Canvas LMS with in-application messaging and contextual support articles. 

Over 2.5 million teachers & students use EesySoft for guidance

How Does EesySoft Work?

Communicate with Users Anywhere in Canvas

Create campaigns to communicate with your users, guide them through any task in your LMS or EdTech tool, and view the impact on behavior and tool adoption.

Being able to have a strategic, precise message pop up right when somebody is about to do something [in the LMS] that might not be working right is amazing!
Jolie Theall
Instructional Designer & Frontline Canvas Administrator Foothill College

Provide In App Support Directly In Canvas

Provide out-of-the-box self help content at the moment of need directly within your LMS, analyze data to discover where users struggle, and route support requests more efficiently.

"We had 97% positive feedback on a 'proactive support' message to help our new users locate their courses in Canvas. The messaging also resulted in reduced calls to Canvas support staff over the first two weeks of the new academic year.”

Useful Files, Links & Docs

Support Canvas Studio with out-of-the-box EesySoft Messaging Campaigns

Relying heavily on Canvas Studio for teaching and learning? EesySoft’s educational team has put together a set of targeted messages specifically for those students and instructors that need some additional help getting started with Studio. 

How did Santa Clara University make the most out of Canvas?

Read the full case study on how – by leveraging EesySoft, Santa Clara University was able to optimize their Canvas adoption and support efforts.

Downloadable Presentation from the EesySoft - Foothill College Session @ CanvasCon

Missed the presentation during the conference on EesySoft usage at Foothill College? Download the presentation to get the full recap of the live session.

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