A message about moving courses online due to COVID-19 institution closure

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Campaign Description

This message is to help tutors with ‘little to no experience with online learning’, move their courses online in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It provides a link to an easy-to-follow checklist created for tutors to help their transition to online teaching as stress-free as possible! The message is to also draws their attention to future pop-ups and messaging to appear within their LMS, containing additional guidance along the way to fully online teaching. 

Success Criteria

Tutors with little to no experience using online learning tools will be equipped to do so with a tailored checklist that suits their abilities. They will know where to access support when needed and will be prepared to receive more messages within their LMS, with guidance to successfully teach their courses online. They will feel empowered by the institution to adopt the EdTech tools available to them.
Moving your Learning Online
A message about moving courses online due to COVID-19 institution closure 
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Copy & Paste Message Content

Hi Mieke, As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, our institution is temporarily closed. Students must continue to participate in their courses, and so we are trying to make the content of our courses available online. This checklist provides instructors with the little or no experience with online learning help to move their courses online, with as little stress as possible. Messages will appear as you navigate around the LMS to help guide you in the process..

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