EesySoft Joins
the Instructure Family!

We’re so incredibly proud to announce that EesySoft will be joining the Instructure family. In recognition of this new phase with the Instructure family, EesySoft will be rebranded as Impact by Instructure!

Helping Faculty and Students Use Educational Technology

Drive digital transformation at every level of your institution
with Impact the #1 EdTech Adoption Platform.

Over 3 million teachers & students use Impact for guidance

Drive action with inline personalized messages

Create campaigns to communicate with your users, guide them through any task in your LMS or EdTech tool, and view the impact on behavior and tool adoption.

"We saw very quickly how many people we got engaged using pop-up messages, as well as direct feedback on each of those messages. When I showed them to executive management... it just won their hearts!"

Support your users,
alleviate your help desk

Provide out-of-the-box self help content at the moment of need directly within your LMS, analyze data to discover where users struggle, and route support requests more efficiently.

"[Impact] makes it possible for just one Student Success Specialist to handle all support requests from over 40,000 students"

Migrate easily between LMS's or 3rd party tools

Whether you’re moving to a new LMS or just switching video/assessment/portfolio tools, migrations can be challenging. But by measuring on-boarding progress and guiding users through changes, it certainly gets eesier.

"[Impact] has been instrumental in ensuring our faculty and students make a successful move to Canvas."


Get notified when your LMS vendor
makes changes or releases new features.

Quickly launch out-of-the-box communication campaigns to help impacted users understand changes take and advantage of updates.

Trusted Worldwide

Institutions of every size and shape have already made Impact their digital transformation control center. 

Impact Works With The Most Popular
Learning Platforms & 3rd Party Integrations

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