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Help your end users and your institution with our 3-layered approach to support. End up with lower support costs, reduced time to resolution, and increased user satisfaction.
Win, win, win.

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Prevent Support Issues

With proactive, in-application messaging, get ahead of FAQs or explain a new tool with targeted messages that can be placed anywhere  in your LMS.  Relay urgent system information or known issues to minimize support calls.  This kind of communication leads  to students and teachers who are more informed and engaged.

EesyMessage Example

Deflect Requests

Access your personalized Support Center to get on-demand help  24 hours a day, 7 days a week right in your LMS.  Users can now find the answers to their  questions based on their role and what they are doing at that moment.  Support has never been easier or more convenient!


Escalate Smarter

Those who want to contact the helpdesk can do so through the Support Center where it picks up user info, system info, and the support needed. This intel is used to dynamically route the user to the appropriate support agent. This means your support staff will no longer spend up to 60% of their time hunting down this information, leading to quicker resolutions and happier end users.

Happier User Support Agent
Improving LMS support with EesySoft

Support Package Whitepaper

Get the Eesy Support Package whitepaper to learn more about how EesySoft can help ensure a successful transition for your faculty, staff and students. 

The idea that support is available even when we are not has been invaluable in increasing student and staff satisfaction; they are feeling more supported in the use of Blackboard and ancillary technologies.
Schelly Gardner
eLearning Manager, Southern Cross University

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