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“If an institution’s stated strategy is to promote the use of educational technology, that institution must establish an adequate framework for faculty to use technology successfully. This includes not only formal incentive structures but also the development of a sufficient educational technology infrastructure and a satisfactory framework for educational technology support.”

Faculty Adoption of Educational Technology by F.Z. Moser

Most of us agree that technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we teach and how we learn and that it can bring high quality, accessible learning to everyone so that every learner can achieve his or her full potential.

This is why higher education institutions globally have added online learning to their strategic agenda. Yet most institutions fail to recognize the complexity of introducing educational technology into the classroom and curriculum.

To successfully implement online and blended learning programs faculty need to be supported in how they can add technology to their teaching. Not only the guidance on how to use the features of the available tools, but also how to integrate these educational tools using pedagogically sound methods.

This is where EesySoft comes in

By monitoring the user interactions of individual users (faculty and students) within Blackboard and other (web-based) applications, we allow you to measure the activity level and use of key functionality within your learning environment, making it ‘eesy’ for you to identify those users who are doing well and those who are in need of support.

Further, our in-context communication tools allow your team to take action effectively communicate with individual and groups of users during their actual application usage. This communication can either be proactively or by offering them on-demand context-sensitive help.

The result: Higher faculty adoption & less time needed to train and support your users.

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