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Who are we?

In 2010, EesySoft started with an idea of monitoring data and making messages appear in-application.  A partnership that began between Michel Visser on the entrepreneurial side, and Jan Henrik on the development side, has evolved into a strong team of developers in Oslo, Norway and a diverse team of sales, marketing, product management, content creation and education consultants in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Our colleagues now extend outside of Europe as well, as far as the United States and Asia.

We have been able to grow this way by being highly innovative, passionate and eager to provide the best solutions for institutions around the world. But it doesn’t stop there – we have many new and exciting things on the horizon! 

Our company culture

At EesySoft, we are a group of motivated, EdTech enthusiasts where everyone can quickly expand their knowledge and excel in their place of expertise within the company. Our team is comprised of diverse individuals who each bring a unique perspective. We welcome differing backgrounds and skills as this approach helps us stay innovative and serves our customers in the best way possible. 

With our offices in two thriving international cities, we love to get in a good day’s work even if it means working at odd hours to assist our prospects and customers around the world! Though we work hard, we also enjoy socializing with one another inside and outside the office through events like Thirsty Thursdays, Hotdog Fridays, company getaways, and meetings in the sun – when the weather allows! 🙂

What do we have to offer?

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What are we looking for?

We are always looking to hear from Education Technology Enthusiasts, whether it would be from a developer standpoint or in sales, customer success or marketing. Please see below if we have any job openings at the moment, if not, please send an email to and send in your resume! 

Are you a student and are you looking for a international technology startup to do research for your thesis or your internship? We are always happy to work with enthusiastic individuals, so please feel free to send an email to

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